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About Us

Welcome to the Easy Projects blog, your hub for insightful articles penned by our team of experienced project management professionals.

Our team is not only seasoned in developing project and resource management software, Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) but also experienced in using it firsthand. We have navigated the same project pitfalls, faced the same hurdles, and celebrated similar successes as you have. We transformed these experiences into practical advice and knowledge sharing, creating a unique blog space where we share our insights and learnings.

Since launching Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) as a separate entity in 2005, our platform is now trusted and utilized by thousands of customers across 70 countries. As a result, our experiences and lessons learned are diverse and globally informed.

Our team is a lively mix of hardworking, fun-loving professionals who, much like you, wear multiple hats throughout the day. We are project managers, we are developers, and we are writers. Our writing is rooted in the realities of project management, providing practical advice, thoughtful insights, and actionable solutions to project management challenges.

We believe that experience is the best teacher and sharing that experience is the cornerstone of progress. Hence, every blog post is an invitation for you to learn from our experiences, engage with our insights, and join in the global conversation about project management. Dive into our blog, glean insights from our experiences, and let’s shape the future of project management together.

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