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Email notifications in Easy Projects

Howdy folks! Al from Client Services is here…
Alvaro or Al

E-mail really is a wonderful invention is it? It allows us to communicate with others, without the need for interruption.

For example – when I need to get an update on a project, or ask a question to my boss I’ve found that e-mails are my best solution. Rather than having to walk across the office, see if he’s busy, explain what I need etc, I can simply write everything out in a e-mail and he can respond when he has the time.

Of course there are some instances where it’s mission critical that I get a quick answer, but a majority of the time I’ll get my answer a few hours after I’ve written it. I’ve saved myself the hassle of having to check if he’s busy, I’ve also spared him the hassle of dropping whatever he’s working on to answer a question. This month I’d like to focus on this powerful tool, that sometimes gets overlooked in Easy Projects.
email notification options
Currently, you can do the following with the e-mail notifications:

  1. Create common notification rules
    You can create one rule (whom should get notified on which certain actions) and apply that to all of your projects.
  2. Multiple notification rules per project
    As opposed to the common notification rule, you can create a series of rules for each project also.
  3. Personalized e-mails to specific individuals
    Using the “Update Status” button found on the My Assignments page, you can write a personalized message to any assignee on the activity or any project team member
  4. Downloadable templates
    All the e-mail notifications that are sent from the software can be editied and re-uploaded from Administration –> Settings –> Notifications –> Email Templates.
  5. Tasks due for this week
    Easy Projects can e-mail you a list of all the tasks you are assigned to that are due for that week Simply go to My Options –> Notifications.
  6. Compile all e-mail notifications into a single digest
    If you find that you are getting too many email notifications from the system, you can have them compiled into a single digest that will be sent at a specified intervals (example – every 4 hours).

Take care!

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