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Who are Guest Users and what can they do?

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Sometimes, in addition to your direct team, you also have customers, vendors or other stakeholders who need to collaborate on your project.

Guest Users is the best option for this. Here is why:

  • They’re free!
  • They work through Guest Portal, which has next to no learning curve.
  • Your sensitive data is protected since they only have access to the projects and tasks they’ve been assigned to.

Once you assign a Guest User to an activity (task) in a project, here is what he or she can do:

  • View overall Project Progress;
  • Submit new Requests and Issues;
  • Track Status of such Requests or Issues;
  • View and Update Tasks that you assign them;
  • Upload and Download Files;
  • Collaborate via Message Board;
  • Use Custom Forms.

Guest Users cannot track time, create new tasks or access any activities that were not specifically assigned to them.

Here are some possible scenarios for using the power of Guest Users:

  • Work results review and approval by Clients;
  • Submission of change requests;
  • Reporting of issues/bugs;
  • Submission of new project requests;
  • Project status monitoring.
  • And much more…

For example, you can greatly reduce turn-around time and eliminate micromanagement if you let your customers submit new work requests through Guest Portal. Such requests can be automatically assigned to the appropriate team member and will show up on their “My Assignments” page or routed to a Manager for a triage.

Guest Users can help you drastically reduce or eliminate telephone calls/emails, lengthy status meetings, or phone conferences. By providing your customers with access to Easy Projects, you’ll increase their satisfaction, increase your team productivity, and reduce overall costs.

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