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Podcast Episode 5: How do we Ask The Right Questions to Change the Status Quo?

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It is with great joy that we share the new, fifth episode of the podcast! It’s called “How do we Ask The Right Questions to Change the Status Quo?”

In today’s episode, John speaks with COO at Galatea Technologies, Cara Haberstock, about getting out of your company’s comfort zones, recognizing when the status quo you’re currently stuck in is in need of a change, and how to ask the right questions to make the necessary changes to your work routine.

John and Cara talk about  

  • Identifying the status quo and getting away from it
  • Asking the right questions to the right people on how the status quo should change
  • How we can change our own mindset and viewpoint to recognize what should change.  

Learn how to do what’s best for your business and not get stuck in the status quo:

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