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The First Episode Of Our Podcast Is Out Now

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Over the years that we have worked in PSA and Project Management, we have met hundreds of interesting people: real professionals and talented managers. They are everywhere. Among our clients, partners, competitors, and representatives of related industries. Due to the fact that all these people have the opportunity to communicate, share knowledge and experience and learn from each other, the industry is growing more and more every year.

Today, we are excited to launch our “When Spreadsheets Hit The Fan” podcast so that those people we truly admire can be heard by hundreds and thousands of professionals. We are finally ready to share the most valuable thoughts and knowledge, which usually stay internal, with you.

When Spreadsheets Hit The Fan is a podcast about best service practices for industry leaders. We invite those who have the hands-on problem-solving experience to join it. The host, John Litterick, asks guests about their personal experiences rather than lengthy examples, so the podcast cases are real life.  

We speak with Sean Collier, Chief Operating Officer at Etna Interactive in this episode. He will tell the listeners how data helps him make the right business decisions.

Among the main topics:

  • The Importance of Data-Based Decision Making
  • The Shortcomings of Product-Based Organizations: Is there really a market for what you’re selling?
  • Finding the balance between speed vs data-driven decisions
  • The Case for Measurement as a Core Company Value  

Listen, share, and comment! And don’t forget to subscribe to When Spreadsheets Hit The Fan on your favorite site, so you don’t miss the next episode. It’s coming out very soon.

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