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Please note that this article is now outdated, as there is a newer and easier way to setup templates right now

Howdy folks!

One of the most frequent questions I get asked from new clients is “Can I create project templates, or set up recurring tasks?” I can answer this with a simple “yes”, but (much like everything else) there are things you should know to optimize this process. Below, I will list the suggested steps we recommend to create and use these templates.

  1. Create your template project with all activities. I recommend doing it using our Activity Center. Specify activity names, durations and estimated time if needed. Use batch operations whenever possible for mass updates (assignees, status’) and the Quick Edit to make small inline edits.
  2. Create a new status in the System Lists area for “template”, and make sure to treat the new status as completed. This will ensure that this template project does not show up in the other areas (dashboard) of the software.
  3. Review the Project details and each Activity details screen. You want to set up as much info as you can, so you will only have to make minimal changes when you’re ready to copy the template. Please note, everything will be duplicated once you copy this project. Dates, assginees, uploaded files, dependencies etc. Everything will be copied exactly as you lay it out.
  4. When you’re ready to copy the template, use the filters to narrow down to that specific project. Using the contextual menu (mouse over the row containing that project and left click on the orange shading) and select “duplicate project”. A small pop up will appear allowing you to specify a new name for this new project.
  5. After the new project is created, review the Project and Activities and make any necessary changes
  6. A fairly simple process, that might take a bit of time setting up, but will definately save you time in the long run when you need it. If you have any recommendations to help improve this process, or if you have any suggestions for a future article, please let me know. You can contact me directly at: [email protected]


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