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Easy Projects Update: Resource Loading Simulation (+VIDEO)

Resource Loading Skills

Update: check out the Resource Loading Simulation – Phase 2 announcement.

Guess what? We made it!

Right before the New Year, by working through the holidays, our incredible dev team was able to release our final (most awesome!) update of the year.

Drum-roll please… We proudly present the Resource Loading Simulation module for the Easy Projects Enterprise Edition.

With this module, you will be able to answer questions like:

  • Who do we have available to work on a new project that requires specific skills?
  • When is the earliest date we can start a new project?
  • How will the existing projects be affected by adding a new project? (coming soon)
  • How many additional (external) resources are required to complete a new project without affecting the schedule of others? (coming soon)

Let’s take a closer look at the new enhancements.

Add Skills

First off, we want to help you realize how multi-talented your team really is. You can now by add skills to their profiles.

User Skills

Once if you have your skills assigned to the team members, you can plan a new project using the “Resource Loading Simulation” item under the “Tools” menu.
Please note that this feature is only available in the Enterprise edition of Easy Projects.

Resource Loading Simulation Menu

On this page, you’re prompted to enter a name for your project and its dates.

If you know the exact dates when your project should start and end, fill out both From and To fields.

Otherwise, you should specify the earliest date when you’ll be ready to start working on this project and its approximate duration in days.

Project planning

Choose the best people for the job.

Now, it’s the most exciting part. You get to choose your team. You can do it by selecting specific people by their names (in case you know exactly who must take part in this project) or search by skills.

Automatically create the draft project.

Resource Loading Skills

Finally, after clicking the “Find Best Matches” button, you’ll see the earliest date when you start your project.

Resouce Loading Simulation Earliest Date

If you click “Start Project, a new draft project with a placeholder task will be created for the selected dates and team members.
We hope you enjoy this new update. Stay tuned for more exciting features and enhancements scheduled to be released in January.


See the Resource Loading Simulation in Action ( With some help from The Fellowship of the Ring!)

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