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Interactive Gantt Chart Hot Keys

For those of us who prefer a keyboard to a mouse, hot keys can shave off a lot of valuable time while working.
Here are the hot keys for Easy Projects Interactive Gantt Chart:

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How to plan your project backwards from a deadline

Sometimes you know when your project is supposed to be completed and need to work backwards to determine when you should start it. To do this you need to work with dependencies.

Dependencies are used when a set of tasks must be worked on and closed in a specific order. For example, if your project involved building a website for a client, you would need their content before you could go live with the site.
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Project Management 101: What are Milestones?

In a reference to Project Management, a milestone is a special event that requires special attention. Milestones can add significant value to project scheduling. They help project managers to more accurately determine whether or not the project is on schedule. There are two most common ways of using milestones…
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New Update: 8.1.2 has been released!

We’re happy to announce the release of our latest version 8.1
There are a number of improvements and changes in this release, here the main ones…
This particular feature has been long over-due. It allows you to combine multiple users into teams and quickly assign them to projects or activities.
Teams are created on the User Details page:
Creating Teams

Any user can belong to multiple teams:
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Project Management 101: Why would we use Parent/Child Activities?

When you’re creating an activity you have a choice to choose its parent task.
Parent task selection dialog

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