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Rafael M. in Easy Projects News, Project Management 101 & Tools

Coordinate Projects More Efficiently with @Mentions and Multi-select Custom Fields

Easy Projects is excited to announce the highly anticipated new features: @mentions and multi-select custom fields. These upgrades make everyday project management even more efficient! @Mentions The @mention feature is an efficient way to notify a team member, simply type in “@” followed by the name of the person you want to notify. A pop-up ...

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Michelle Hoover in Easy Projects News, PM Best Practices & News, Project Management 101 & Tools

Checklist: How to Prepare Your Business for COVID-19

A successful business is always one step ahead of its competitors when it comes to R&D or marketing their product/service. Companies are now realizing, though, one major contribution to success they may be lacking: having the proper infrastructure for their team to work remotely. COVID-19 has taught us that no matter how progressive our healthcare ...

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Angie Judah in Easy Projects News, PM Best Practices & News, Project Management 101 & Tools

3 Reports Successful Project Managers Should Be Using

As a project manager or team leader, most of your job involves balancing timeline demands against available budget and resources. PMs are also responsible for holding team members accountable and learning from past successes and failures. This is why the “management” part of project management is so important. Your life will be much easier, and ...

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