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Latest Product Update: Project Archiving

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The latest update makes it even easier to manage projects. Now you don’t have to delete the project or hide it, you can simply archive it.

What Easy Projects and Birdview PSA users can do with archiving:

  • Archiving a single project, multiple projects, or all of them
  • The archiving function is reversible, you can unarchive a project any time you need it again
  • The ability to automatically archive projects after a certain period of inactivity
  • Archived projects are not included in reports by default, but you can do it manually

Users must be granted the same permissions to archive projects as to delete them. If you have rights to the archiving action, the corresponding option will appear in the project details screen. To view the archived projects, see the header of the Activity Center.

What benefits this new feature will bring to your day-to-day activities:

  • The archiving feature will clean up the interface by cleaning it up of outdated, irrelevant information. At the same time, you can always restore it
  • It will also free up additional storage space
  • Users will not be able to log working time in the archived project
  • Fine-tune your workflows, making it easier for managers and employees to collaborate

We do everything to make sure you get the most out of our projects. That’s why feedback and your questions are so important to us. If you need to clarify any information about any feature or if you have any suggestions, just contact our support team.

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