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5 Ways to Create A Positive Work Culture for Remote Teams

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Your organization may have a strong corporate culture within the office, but how do you convert that positive energy to your virtual team? According to a study conducted by Forbes, companies that have a strong corporate culture increase revenue by 682%.

With the switch to remote work, it is imperative that your positive culture remains in effect so your team can continue to feel motivated and produce quality work.

Here are 5 ways to create a positive work culture for remote teams:

Tools to Motivate Productivity

A study ran by Gallup shows companies with strong employee engagement had 21% higher levels of profitability. The following team collaboration tools encourage employee engagement by staying connected and working cohesively.

Slack is known for keeping teams connected but other tools like Microsoft Teams, Chanty, and Fleep are also easy-to-use instant messaging platforms. If your company utilizes messaging tools, you are providing your team with an efficient way to communicate and stay informed.

Zoom, Google Hangouts, and GoToMeeting are reliable cloud video conferencing platforms that are great tools to host internal or external video meetings.

If you are looking for a simple project management solution, Asana and Trello offer basic features to keep your team’s projects on track. For more complex project management software that can assist bigger projects and teams, you can try Easy Projects. Have all your work, project, and task information in one convenient platform while having the ability for team collaboration. We may be biased – but we truly believe Easy Projects is the best solution for bigger teams!

Set Scheduled Work Hours and Breaks

Setting a set work schedule is one of the many challenges of working remotely. Employees often find themselves working through their lunch hours or working longer days. Encouraging your team to set scheduled work hours and reminders to take breaks can lead to higher rates of productivity, and overall happiness according to research from The Energy Project.

Company-wide Business Meetings

In many cases, company transparency is the number-one factor in determining employees’ workplace happiness. Whether it’s monthly or quarterly townhalls, informing your team on your company’s sales, goals and updates can offer a sense of trust between employees and their employer. 

Social Interaction

Here at Easy Projects, we have a weekly 30-minute video chat to stay connected with our team and catch up on non-work related topics. These video chat meetings create a sense of community within a team. In addition to these group hangouts, creating a social calendar, or implementing interactive virtual activities can also add to positive work culture. Some of our personal favorite ideas are:

  • Online board and video games
  • Virtual cooking classes
  • Biweekly or monthly book club

For more creative ideas on how to entertain your team, you can check out this blog our friends at Zapier wrote.

Ask for Feedback

What better way to increase a positive work culture than asking your team directly for their ideas. Asking for feedback on what your team enjoys about working remotely and ideas they would like to see implemented shows them that you value their opinion.

These 5 simple, yet effective, ways to encourage a positive remote culture may be the defining elements to what turns a disengaged remote worker – productive. If your team has implemented other strategies to create a positive virtual corporate culture, please feel free to share them with the Easy Projects community.

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