Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly and as we were sitting around trying to figure out what to write for you guys, we started thinking about relationships. Relationships in life are the most complicated damn things ever. Every human being in your life is someone that you have a relationship with, whether you like it or not.


Some of the most important relationships you’ll have in your life will be with your colleagues, bosses and subordinates. According to Jake Heppner at Distractify, we spend 10.3 years of our entire lives working. The only thing we do more than working is sleeping (25 years). Now that’s a long time. For that simple reason, it’s absolutely crucial that you work hard to bring peace and harmony to your work life no matter what your role in the organization is. World peace has to start somewhere right?


There are really three simple golden rules for making sure that you and everyone around you stays happy with you.


Be nice.Duh.

Just like our mothers, fathers and kindergarten teachers taught us: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Great leadership often stems from talking and listening to the other person’s problems or weaknesses and building a plan to correct them. So, don’t throw a hissy fit the next time Sally doesn’t know how to how to access her Easy Projects Activity Centre.


The best politically correct way to behave in the workplace is not to discuss any personal matters or make personal attacks on other people. It’s really counter productive and unprofessional. Gossip is also a big no-no. Let’s be nice, people!


The Open-Door Policy

Company policies exist for a reason but in our opinion, this one is the best. It’s a simple rule where managers and senior company executives make it known to staff that they are welcome to step into their office at any time if they are having any difficulties at all or have suggestions for improvements. The whole point is to be approachable and to be able to foster the trust and confidence of your staff, but also genuinely listen to their concerns and take action accordingly. If you’re a staff member, request that this policy be implemented and make good use of it.


The reason why you would want to create harmony in your workplace is obvious. Besides from the fact that you spend 10 years of your life working, you know that harmony equals happiness, and happiness leads to more productivity and more productivity leads to positive results.

A new book by employee engagement consultants Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, ALL IN: How the Best Managers Create a Culture of Belief and Drive Big Results, claims to have gathered empirical evidence to back up the idea that happy workers are more productive. Check it out and get jiggy with some best practices on how to create a perfect, happy and harmonious workplace.


A little bribery is always a good thing – buy them things.

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Here’s a list of some awesomely awesome things you can do to bribe everyone this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Buy them tickets to 50 Shades of Grey and hope that they don’t take it the wrong way.
  2. Bake them Cinnamon Flavoured cupcakes because they are just super delish and no-one is actually trying to lose weight in the middle of February. Let’s get real.
  3. Buy them Tickets to see their fav sports team play (We prefer the Toronto Raptors #WeTheNorth plus Drake just dropped a new track today called “If you’re reading this it’s already too late” – so true)
  4. Remember the spouses. Send flowers to your partners spouse to thank them for their support. (Yeah we’re sweet like that)
  5. Buy them the new Taylor Swift album because who doesn’t love Taylor Swift? (This police officer definitely loves her so we assume the whole world does)


Speaking of love and happiness (things are about to get really mushy), thanks for continuing to follow us and we totally love you guys so much! xo


Happy Valentines Day from the EP Team!!!

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