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4 Ways to Time Tracking with Easy Projects

time tracking

Team members need to log time so that project managers can effectively time tracking progress and plan resources. But if the process for  time tracking is too inconvenient or cumbersome, then it’s not going to happen-no matter how necessary it is.

That’s why Easy Projects tries to give you multiple ways to record your hours. Each method has its own flow and traits that appeal to different types of employees.

Let’s go over them one at a time:

Activity Center

The Activity Center gives you the greatest flexibility in choosing how you want to arrange your to-do list. Employ a combination of filtering, sorting and layout choices and save them as Views to either see the entire context of a project, or focus on a specific group of tasks.

logging time 1.jpg

Pro Tip: Use the “Activities by User” View (pre-built within EP) to quickly pull up all your assignments.

Activity Details

Sometimes you’ll need to fill in a lot of secondary data as you log time towards tasks. The Activity Details page puts all the task info in one place for convenient entry.

logging time 2.jpg

Pro Tip: This panel is excellent for updating task financial information or if you have a lot of information that goes into custom fields.

My Assignments

For those of you who favor the direct approach, the My Assignments page gives you a simple, no-nonsense layout for speedy checking off of tasks. It even comes with a timer option that you can leave running as you work.

logging time 3.jpg

Pro Tip: Mark items as “Favorites” by clicking the star icon to keep them at the top of your list.

Mobile App

If your team is often on-site or traveling, then our mobile app would be the best way for them to stay connected. They can log time on their phones while in the moment instead of entering blocks of time when they get back to their desk.

logging time 4.jpg

Pro Tip: Turn on the timer and let it run as you work. It’s simple to do and you won’t have to keep track of your start/end times.

Bonus: Time Logs

The Time Logs page is the place to go if you need to amend a time entry or review a history of all time logged.

logging time 5.jpg

No matter what time logging method you prefer, Easy Projects has got you covered.

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