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The 5 Biggest Marketing Trends for 2015

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The marketing train is an exciting one. There are so many areas to focus on and it can get pretty crazy sometimes. We’re just going to give you a quick run down on what you need to be paying attention to when it comes to marketing your brand in 2015. This list is based on what Ebiquity has quoted for the year to come.

1. Authenticity
The marketplace is crowded and there are so many conflicting messages being thrown at consumers. People are concerned about the world, and they are becoming increasingly skeptical of corporations. It’s going to become increasingly important for brands to stand out by going back to their roots, reminding their audience of their corporate social responsibility initiatives and why they do what they do.



2. Localized Social Media Presence
If you run a company that has multiple locations,you may want to take a page out of McDonald’s marketing text book. They have just launched over 14.500 Facebook pages to have more one to one conversation and gather more information about the unique communities they serve. We know that audiences differ greatly from one location to the next. Localized and targeted social media presence is crucial to get close to your audience.


3. TV to Online
Thinking of running a commercial to promote your business? It’s not a bad idea if you can do it the right way. Brands are now focused on bringing customer engagement from TV to online. With online ad revenues expected to surpass TV ad revenues in 2017, it’s a no brainier. Once again McDonald’s is the front runner with their most recent ad “Signs” which had an TV ad spend of $3,138,776 but resulted in 3,471,339 views and 28,328.


4. The Internal Gold Mine
Companies are starting to realize (finally!) that their own employees are their greatest assets when it comes to branding and advertising and not just from an HR perspective. Employees are the brand ambassadors that have been underutilized for year yet they are the ones who a) build products b) dedicate their life energy to the company, so who better to spread the word than the people who have built the company. One of the companies who does this beat is Southwest Airlines.

5. A Whole New Kind of Data
Wearable tech was a massive trend in 2014 and will continue to grow in the years to come. With the highly anticipated launch of the Apple Watch, and other such technology – marketers will have a whole new kind of data. As a marketer you need to look at how your company can use create solutions to collect this kind of information and use it to create the perfect campaigns. For example Equinox, just launched a pretty awesome app that integrates data from other fitness apps to a) help their clients see everything from one convenient dashboard and b) to be able to gather more information

These are some of the biggest marketing trends for 2015. Have some trends that you’ve spotted and would like to share? Let us know by commenting below.

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