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6 Surprising Uses for Project Management Software


You don′t need to build a bridge or write a computer program to use project management software. In fact, this flexible tool can be used for any project that has a lot of moving parts, needs more than two people, and involves minute details that you just  can′t trust to memory.
Here are just some of the great ways you can bring project management software outside the office:


When you′re planning the bride′s perfect day, nothing should be left to chance. Calendars and task lists help you keep track of fittings, bookings, and the other thousands of tiny jobs that add up to the grand production. Delegate effectively by tracking tasks assigned to specific people, whether they′re relatives, friends, or hired staff.


Having fun is a lot of hard work, especially if it involves a trip to somewhere foreign. You have to secure travel arrangements, make bookings, and develop an itinerary, not to mention keeping track of every single member of the group and what they′ll be taking along or doing.

Home Renovations

Home improvement projects can seem like they go on forever (and sometimes they do). The moment one project is done, another pops up; it′s easy for some to fall by the wayside. But this is your living space you′re talking about, and ignoring your kitchen for several weeks means nobody′s going to be cooking food. The right PM tool can help you stay focused and finish the most important ones first.

College Thesis

Yes, you can still use project management software while you′re in school. In fact, a thesis or group project would be an ideal place to start. Some tools offer task  deadline alerts, which you can use to help keep team members motivated (especially the  difficult ones).

Film Production

This next one just cries out for project management software. Whether it′s a small independent production or big studio venture, shooting for film or TV is a very complex undertaking. Everything is interconnected: casting, script development, shooting, post-production, and more. The producer needs to keep an iron grip on the production schedule and have all relevant information at the push of a button.


Surprised? You shouldn′t be. There′s much more to a parade than putting fifty groups of floats, marching bands, and performers in a line and telling them to start walking. A parade organizer has to juggle civil permits, float inspections, route security, and a whole slew of other details. Project management software would help keep these tasks organized and tracked so nothing slips through the cracks (especially float inspections).

Don′t limit yourself to just the ones on the list. Like I said before, projects are widely defined and can be found in every aspect of business””or even everyday life. What kind of project do  you  think could use project management software?


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