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Benefits of Cloud Software


Are you in a “fog”  about why you might use cloud software? Nowadays, there′s lots of word on the street about the advantages of cloud computing. Although many people still have reason to choose traditional in-house servers, cloud infrastructure is becoming a popular substitute.

Cloud software offers several unique advantages over its in-house alternative. If you′re wondering whether or not cloud software is the best option for you,  let′s take a look at some of  the benefits of moving your projects to the cloud:

1. Cloud Software gives you access to the latest version of your software

When you ride the cloud, you don′t have to wait to get your hands on new features or go out of your way to install a new version. Since the service is online, once you sign in your account is updated with the latest versions free of charge. New features are updated and added to the cloud software, so as soon as they are ready, you have access.

2. Cloud Software saves you money

You can save a lot of money using Cloud Software over an in-house service. Since you aren′t paying upfront for an expensive in-house program, you start with a much smaller initial investment, reducing your expenses on technology infrastructure. Plus, subscription expenses are operational and can be written off immediately.

3. Cloud Software saves you time

Another great reason for switching to the cloud is all the  time you save. You won′t waste hours installing, updating, and managing software. This can allow both you and your IT department extra time to focus your efforts on  more valuable pursuits  while the cloud host does all the nitty-gritty work for you. All you have to do is sign in and you′re ready to go.

Of course, by saving time, you are also saving money. All the opportunity cost lost from putting installation loads on your IT department can walk it′s way back into your company pocket using the cloud.

4. You can access your projects wherever you have Internet

Using Cloud Software, you don′t have to scrap a day of work if you don′t have access to your work computer. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can get your work done. This makes cloud computing a huge benefit to those who travel a lot for work and sometimes only have access to hotel laptops.

If any reasons above resonate with you, perhaps it′s time to get your head  into the clouds  and adopt cloud software.

Decidedly, there are still many reasons to use an in-house service as well, so if you′re still unsure about cloud software, check out next Friday′s post about the advantages of in-house programs. Have a good weekend!

Photo by  Regina Calvo  on  Unsplash


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