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Aug 3, 2016 by Pavel Aramyan in PM Best Practices & News

5 reasons why project management software with an interactive Gantt chart is a must for your project success

gantt chart

There is a good reason why the Gantt chart, developed over 100 years ago, is still being used to this day. With the advent of project management software (PM software), incorporating an interactive Gantt chart ejects project managers from the driver’s seat and drops them into the pilot’s seat. But what specifically makes a Gantt ...

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Jul 25, 2016 by Pavel Aramyan in PM Best Practices & News

What are Project controls? Why are they so important in project management and how to deal with them!

Saving time and money during project planning and execution is akin to eating when you are hungry; it’s something you plainly need to do to grow and survive. If you are unfamiliar with how project controls are vital concerning the use of cloud-based project management software (PM software), fear not: we are here to help ...

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