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Easy Projects for President – Our Election Program

Project Management Election 2012 logo

Today, October 30th, Easy Projects was announced as the winner in the Contemporaries category and stands as one of the final two nominees for the Project Management Presidential Election 2012.

We, at Easy Projects, are very proud and humbled by the overwhelming support from our clients, friends and colleagues.

When we are elected as the President of the Project Management world, we promise to fulfil our election program. Here is where we stand on 10 critical issues:

  1. Education Reform. We will make Project Management classes mandatory starting from elementary school.
  2. Conflict of Interests. We will pass a law to limit the number of stakeholders in any project to a maximum of 3.
  3. Death-march. We will make it a criminal offence to attempt meeting a deadline by adding more people to a project at the last-minute and/or via mandatory overtime.
  4. Prohibition. We will make it illegal to use PERT charts. We hate them with passion.
  5. Contingency. Any Project Manager who does not build in contingencies into their project plan will be deemed incapable and prohibited from practising project management.
  6. The Rule of 3. Any client, external or internal, will be required to choose 2 out of the 3 constraints at the beginning of each project: Time, Budget, and Quality.
  7. End of the War. All project managers actively involved in an armed conflict over resources will be forced to sign a peace treaty.
  8. Scope Change. Changing requirements during the course of the project will be illegal unless your team is using Agile.
  9. Status Updates. Any team member who fails to provide timely progress updates to their Project Manager will face up to 10 hours of data-entry community work.
  10. Universal Affordability. No Project Management Software tool vendor will be allowed to charge more than $17 per user, per month.

Project Managers of the World, cast your ballots and vote for Easy Projects

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