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Sep 15, 2011 by Easy Projects Team in Easy Projects News

Easy Projects .NET 8.0 has been released!

What’s new in the build 8.0
[+] New portal for customers (limited access users)
[+] New RESTful API
[+] Critical Path (Enterprise edition only)
[+] Ability to upload own logo
[+] Multiple Dependencies (Enterprise edition only)
[*] Updated design
[+] Enhanced Security and Password Policy (Enterprise edition only)
[*] Customer users are shown in a new tab
[*] Resource Loading Widget on the Dashboard is updated with the same algorithm as used on Resource Loading report
[*] Improved paging control on all screens
[*] Improved Drag’n’Drop functionality on the Interactive Gantt Chart
[+] “Hide activities without estimated hours option added to the Resource Loading report
[*] All items are shown expanded on the My Assignments page
[+] E-mail notifications for the project-level messages
[+] Project-level messages can be seen from the message board
[+] Slovak language localization
[*] Other minor changes and bug fixes

Easy Projects Team

Easy Projects is a product developed by Logic Software Inc., a Toronto-based custom software development company.Back in 2003, when Logic Software Inc. needed a project management system for our own use, we were disappointed by the available options. With no suitable options, we decided to take the matter into our own hands. This marked the beginning of the our project management software, Easy Projects.Over the past few years, Easy Projects has built an impressive customer base and has received wide industry recognition. In 2008, Easy Projects was named a finalist in the Jolt Product Excellence Awards, the Oscars of the software industry.