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Easy Projects .NET 8.0 has been released!

What’s new in the build 8.0
[+] New portal for customers (limited access users)
[+] New RESTful API
[+] Critical Path (Enterprise edition only)
[+] Ability to upload own logo
[+] Multiple Dependencies (Enterprise edition only)
[*] Updated design
[+] Enhanced Security and Password Policy (Enterprise edition only)
[*] Customer users are shown in a new tab
[*] Resource Loading Widget on the Dashboard is updated with the same algorithm as used on Resource Loading report
[*] Improved paging control on all screens
[*] Improved Drag’n’Drop functionality on the Interactive Gantt Chart
[+] “Hide activities without estimated hours option added to the Resource Loading report
[*] All items are shown expanded on the My Assignments page
[+] E-mail notifications for the project-level messages
[+] Project-level messages can be seen from the message board
[+] Slovak language localization
[*] Other minor changes and bug fixes

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