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Easy Projects .NET Version 7.3 Released!

We have just released a new update, version 7.3, for Easy Projects! It is available for our Hosted and In-House accounts, and you can request an upgrade if you are Hosted. Here is a list of features and changes that we have in this new release:

New Resource Loading Report

We have redesigned our Resource Loading Report which will now display actual hours spent on tasks and hours that are still left. It has been color-coded to represent load thresholds of your resources, vacations, and milestones such as the end of the activity, hours logged and more.

Project-level Messageboards

You are probably familiar with our activity-level messageboards, but now we have also added messageboards at the project level, allowing you to simply attach your messages to the project and not to any specific activity within it. To use this feature, open up your Project Details and you’ll find the list of messages as well as the ability to post new ones towards the bottom of the page.

Interactive Gantt Chart Updates

We’ve also updated our Interactive Gantt chart feature to add a bit more functionality. These updates include the addition of Estimated Hours and Progress columns to the chart.

Other Updates

Along with bug fixes and optimizations, we have also added some minor improvements to the Billing Reports including new report design, customer filter and the ability to generate a billing report for all projects.

This rounds up the list of 7.3 updates, we hope that you’ll enjoy this new version and give us some feedback!

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