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Easy Projects — New Update 9.0.1: Saved Views, File Versioning and more

We are happy to announce yet another update to Easy Projects.
This version 9.0.1 brings several very exciting changes and features, such as:

Saved Views

Now Activity Center makes possible to save a combination of filters and table layout as a View.

Once you identify your most commonly used filters (e.g. Urgent Activities or My Assignments Due This Month) and choose what columns and in which order you want to see, you can save this combination as a View. From that moment it will be available to you in a drop-down list each time you go to Activity Center.

Saved Views

In addition you can share your Views with the rest of the team. These shared Views you can also be pre-assign saved to roles, thus allowing you to set predefined layout of the Activity Center to different roles.

File Versioning

This a long-awaited feature, allowing users to manage and track multiple versions of the same file.
It works both on a project and activity level.
File Versioning

Login using email

Now you can login into Easy Projects with your email instead of a username. One less thing to remember!
Login with email

Changes to Project Members and Assignees

We made two important changes that will make user management easier and faster:

  • We removed  the limitation to have at least one PM in a project
  • Now users are automatically unassigned from all activities when they’re removed from a project

Removing project managers and assignees

We hope you enjoy this update! As usual, we always welcome your suggestions and ideas for the new versions at our Community Portal.

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