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Easy Projects Update: New Activity Center Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart update

We’re excited to announce that the first phase of our new Gantt Chart has just been released! With this Gantt Chart update, you’ll be able to create and manage your projects and activities in the Activity Center, and see how their timelines affect each other, all in a single page. It’s a very effective way to control your timelines and keep deadlines from sneaking up on you.

To open up your Gantt Chart, just go to the grey View Control bar and click “Gantt View.”

This will open up the Gantt Chart panel on the right side of your Activity Center screen. The Gantt Chart will display whatever items are visible on the left-hand panel. If you want to see a project’s sub-activities, just expand the parent task.

You can resize the panel by clicking and dragging the panel’s border to the right or left.

Move up and down your project timeline by using the scrollbar at the bottom of the pane. You can also change the zoom level of your project timeline using the zoom controls.

The Gantt Chart panel can be applied to your favorite Views just like fields, filters, and sorting. Just arrange the Activity Center the way you want and save it.

So go ahead and test your new Activity Center Gantt Chart and let us know what you think!

Also, stay tuned for Phase 2, where we add interactivity to your Gantt Chart.

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