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Easy Projects Update: New Assignment Control function

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Sometimes you′ll encounter tasks that are too big for one person to handle. In Easy Projects, this means you′d assign multiple people to a single task. But sharing the workload is rarely an even split.

That′s why Easy Projects is introducing the new Assignment Control feature. It is now possible to allocate different estimated hours to each assignee sharing a task.

You first need to open the new Assignment Control panel, which replaces the old one in the Activity Center.

Assignment Control 1

Clicking on the icon in the upper right corner expands the window to display the Estimated Hours for each of the Assignees.

Assignment Control 2

The middle column, “Estimated,” shows the number of estimated hours assigned to each person. The right most column, “Available,” indicates the maximum number of work hours available to the employee for the duration of the activity.

With the new Assignment Control, you′ll have:

  • Control over how many work hours are assigned to each user in a shared task
  • Greater visibility into an employee′s workload for a given week
  • More options for effective resource management

This new Assignment Control function will replace the old one on the Activity Center and Activity Details pages.

We′d love to hear your feedback about this new feature. Send us an email at [email protected] or place a comment below.

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