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Easy Projects Update: Templates, Drag’n’Drop and Sub-Tasks (version 9.4)

Project Template Selection

We are happy to announce the release of version 9.4

The main focus of this release was on the usability improvements for Activity Center with most of the changes coming to us as your feedback.
Here are the new features and enhancements:

Ability to create a new project from a template

The Quick Creator panel has been updated, so it now allows you to use a template when creating a new project.
Project Template Selection
If a template is used, all its activities will be automatically copied over to the newly created project. This function is identical to duplicating a project.

Any project can be marked as a template by changing its status to… you guessed it: “Template”.

Template projects are hidden from everywhere except for the Activity Center. You won′t find them on any report and they won′t affect your Resource Loading.
Link to view all templates

You can view and manage your list of template projects by clicking on the Template link in the Quick Creator panel or choosing the “Templates” view.

Saved view to see project templates

Ability to create a new sub-activity at any level

This was one of the most requested features for the Activity Center.

When you move your mouse over any activity name you′ll see a new “+” icon. Clicking it will add a new child task right under the selected activity. All you need to do is type task′s name and hit “Enter”.
Adding a sub-task
Tip: If you press “Ctrl” + “Enter” it will save your task and add another one right below.
Add new sub task

Ability to drag′n′drop an activity to a specific place in the hierarchy

Before when you dragged an activity on top of a parent, this activity would always go to the bottom of the list.

Now you can drag your activity to any place within the hierarchy and once dropped, the activity will stay in that exact spot.
Drag'n'drop activity

Copy selected activities to a specific place in the hierarchy

When you duplicate one or multiple activities using batch operations you can now choose the target parent activity where your selected activities will be copied to.
Copy activities to selected branch

Other changes include:

  • Parent activity start date is now editable at Interactive Gantt
  • CSV Import: the ability to import Guest Users
  • MS Project Import improvements
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 9.4 is available as a free upgrade to all hosted clients and in-house clients with a valid subscription.

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