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Easy Projects Update: Version 8.3.0

Our final release for the year 2012 is out. Here is what′s new in version 8.3.0:

Project Calendar View

A new Gantt-like chart was added to the Projects page. This chart plots all your projects and their milestones over a timeline, giving you an instant bird′s-eye view of the organization.

project calendar view

Projects are highlighted based on their health (earned value analysis / EVA methodology is used).

You can also use filters to narrow down your list based on a customer, portfolio or any other criteria.

Limited Access users are now Guest Users

To make Easy Projects more user-friendly, and to reduce possible confusion, we made a number of changes to the naming conventions and general functionality such as:

  • Limited Access users are now called Guest Users;
  • Customer representative(Customer – customizable access) and Supervisor are no longer built-in roles (can now be renamed or deleted);
  • Customer Representative report is no longer available.

Other changes in version 8.3.0 are:

  • Activity′s Current cost is now calculated as an aggregate of its sub-activity costs.
  • UI changes on the Project and Activity Details pages for quicker user creation.
  • Resource loading report now reflects whether the assignees have reported completion by clicking “I′m Done” .

Version 8.3.0 is available as a free upgrade to all hosted clients as well as in-house installations with a current 8.x license or a valid support package (Gold Subscription).

The next major upgrade will be version 9 (scheduled for release in 2013 Q1), so please make sure to subscribe to our newsletter or blog news to be notified when it′s released.

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