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Do Freelancers and Project Management Mix?

Do Freelancers and Project Management Mix?

On the surface, freelancing  and  project management  are kind of polar opposites. On the one side, you have a lone wolf who operates as an independent consultant, and on the other you have a group of people who pool and coordinate their efforts.

But in reality, freelancing and project management can and frequently do mix. In fact, the relationship of between these two concepts can be very beneficial to both the freelancer and their client.

Ad Hoc Project Management

Whether it′s web development, events management, marketing, or anything else, freelancers will eventually need to work with other parties. While some clients do coordinate the freelancer′s efforts with that of their team, I′ve met clients who prefer to have the freelancer manage everything on their behalf””especially if it involves something outside the client′s area of expertise, like  websites  or IT equipment. The freelancer is now an ad hoc project manager.

The usual requirements still apply: as the project lead, the freelancer needs to be a good organizer and people manager. The latter is going to be especially challenging. Since freelancers exist outside the organization, they may have to manage contributors remotely, and their word may not carry the same weight as others on the client′s team. But these challenges can be overcome if the freelancer has the client′s full support and the freelancer excels at communicating.  Automated tools  can do a lot to simplify the process as well.

Another Level of Customer Service

If a freelancer can pull it off, doing project management is excellent customer service for a number of reasons (although I′m not implying you do it for free).

By placing the project on your own shoulders, you′re freeing up the client′s time and reducing their stress level. That′s a major benefit, and the client is sure to appreciate that. If you do the job well, you may be able to increase your standing and visibility in their organization, which could improve your relationship with your client and maybe even get you referrals. Also, dealing with the project as a whole shows you how your own deliverables fit into the big picture.

As you can see, freelancers and their  clients  don′t have to have huge budgets or large teams. As long as there is a need to communicate, organize, and coordinate, freelancers can benefit from project management principles and tools.

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