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How to manage multiple projects with Easy Projects

how to manage multiple projects

Day after day, we are expected to do more than before as expectations on work output, quality, and the rapidity of expected task completion are increasing as technology advances.

Juggling multiple projects is the norm for project managers today. Ask around, and you will find that project managers that have only a single project on their plate are few and far between.

“But, how can I successfully be a management octopus?”

Managing multiple projects can either be torturous, or it can be a piece of cake. That′s why the tools that you choose to assist you can make all the difference.

Today we are going to go over how Easy Projects can help you tackle multiple tasks simultaneously, while reducing stress and increasing output.

Project templates

More often than not, you will be responsible for multiple projects, but similar in nature and repetitive. For example, an engineering firm will be consistently working on engineering projects. Easy Projects features sample templates, which are customizable (or can be made from scratch for specific projects) to save your time on assigning tasks.

Templates for multiple project management

The less time it takes for task assignment, the easier it is for handling multiple projects at once. Whether you work in IT or construction, Easy Projects has a range of pre-designed project templates that streamline the task assignment process, so tasks across multiple projects can be assigned with minimal delay.

Infinite projects, infinite task potential

Whether you need to manage two or 200 (well, we hope not!) projects, Easy Projects has an unlimited capacity for tasks. You, with a full plate of projects, will benefit from being able to assign tasks down to their very roots, to ensure that the foundation is set before moving to other project phases.

With unlimited task assignment, communication is a non-issue. Each party responsible for their duties will have a thorough understanding of what they are responsible for. When you are burdened with multiple projects, and they need to be completed on schedule and within a single platform, you can feel assured that each team member knows exactly what to do, in as much detail as needed.

When combining the customizable task templates with unlimited assignments, Easy Projects makes it a breeze to “set it and leave it” for you.

Delegation in the blink of an eye

During the lifetime of a project, things happen: A client might augment their request, a construction code might change – any number of modifications may be needed to get things done. When tasked with handling multiple projects at once, you need to keep your head above water to make sure each is finished on schedule.

Not every project is unpredictable, but when they are, delegation needs to be executed swiftly. Easy Projects features automated task delegation, saving you precious time that would be otherwise spent on legwork. When task edits need to be made, you simply need to type “@worker I need you to do XYZ by this time” and a task is automatically created, assigned to the worker tagged, and includes the deadline typed.

While changes are happening across multiple projects, Easy Projects allows you to delegate at the drop of a hat without missing a beat.

Clear and comprehensive resource management

No matter what industry you work in, you are going to have a finite number of resources to manage to complete projects on time and on budget. It is rare for a PM to be supervising several projects that are all going to have the same deadline, or the same complications.

Your goal across all projects is to have individual team members operating at maximum capacity, but not overloaded with work. This is where Easy Projects truly stands out from the rest of the pack regarding resource loading abilities.

Across each project you are in charge of, you have access to monitor or review how much or little is on each worker′s plate. Resource loading reports and simulations, exclusive to Easy Projects, are also used to determine the availability of other resources, such as materials and equipment. Whatever resources are at the company′s disposal, are collected in one place for you to determine what can be used where, and when.

This aspect of Easy Projects is especially useful for taking on and planning new projects whilst in the middle of an existing set of projects, as you can quickly solve issues regarding selecting resources, and the viability of accomplishing new tasks.

Manage Multiple Projects with Ease

If you are a project manager, you will be directed to be able to manage multiple projects at once. Whether you are a new PM or a veteran manager, Easy Projects saves you enormous amounts of time while managing multiple projects. Assigning tasks, making project edits, reallocating resources between a number of projects, effectively everything you need to make decisions and complete projects on time can be right at your fingertips.

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