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Industry News Digest: October 1, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Here’s the newest installation of our industry news roundup so that you can start your week the right way: with a recap of what you may have missed the previous week!


Project Management

Connecting Project Management to the Supply Chain

A good article for the project managers amongst us that are either thinking about getting into the world of supply chain management, or are already a part of it.

Project Management Expertise Matters

An interview with a project management subject matter expert (SME) that might help you with answering the question “Why do I need a project manager on this project?”


“I thought Google Wave was the future of the internet, but I was wrong”

A great interview by The Verge with Aaron Levie, the CEO of the hot cloud computing company, Box. This is of great interest to anyone who, like us, is in the business of cloud-based software.

Employee Welcome Package at Square, The Popular Payment Processing Startup

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter and founder of Square, has prepared an interesting package for each new hire of his newest venture. Aside from the company product and rules, stuff we would expect, he gifts a “must-read” book to show his mindset in approaching business.

Now, Torrenting Can Lead to Jail Sentence in Japan

Torrenting, or the illegal downloading of copyrighted material, has a lot of enemies (and proponents) all over the world, but Japan has taken the strongest stand against it with some recent law changes. Under this new arrangement, downloading of copyrighted material is punishable by 2 years in jail, as well as monetary penalties.

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