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Industry News Digest: October 22nd, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Here’s the newest installation of our industry news roundup.


Project Management

International Project Management Day!

The 9th Annual International Project Management Day will be celebrated on November 1st. Remember to hug your project manager and show them you appreciate their work!

Presidential Election: Project Management Edition

Capterra is hosting a fun popularity contest for some of the best known project management software out there. The first round (a.k.a the Caucuses) was last week and the current round (the Primaries) ends today. Make sure you vote for your favorite PM software daily to have them clinch the presidency!


Bill Gates Reflects on Surface

Everyone’s favorite ex-Microsoft CEO (and one of world’s biggest Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Bill Gates has sounded off on one of Microsoft’s biggest ever hardware launches, the Surface tablets. As mentioned by the Verge, Gates firmly believes that the new products and the accompanying software (Windows 8 ) will really impress the consumers in design and capabilities.

And Suddenly, Worldwide Productivity Increased

As reported by VentureBeat, an outage of Amazon’s Cloud hosting service has taken some of the most well known Internet staples (like Reddit) and startups (like Flipboard and AirBnB) offline. The rumour has it that the lack of access to especially the former has led to a 38% increase in employer productivity across workers who know the existence of said service.

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