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Industry News Digest: November 19th, 2012

[two_third_last]Hello PM fans,

Here’s the newest edition of our bite-sized industry news digest covering everything from technology to project management. Enjoy!


Outsourcing Killers? IT Robots and Cheap Labour

An interesting, and futuristic, piece by on the potentials of robotic automation.

Gamers Beat Surgeons in Hand-Eye Coordination Tasks

This will please the gamers amongst our readers: “The surgical skills of the high school students (who played video games an average of two hours a day) and the college students (some of whom spent four hours a day gaming) were found to be equal to the University of Texas Medical Branch surgeons–and in some cases, even exceeded the skills of the residents.”


Intel CEO to End 40 Year Term in 2013

Intel is everywhere – You probably have one or two devices powered by their chips around you right now. What you may have not realized is that they have also had one of the most stable leaderships in the technology industry, with their CEO Paul Otellini serving for the last 40 years. Over the weekend, he announced that he would be retiring from his post in May, which is certainly big news and has significant implications for the future of the giant chipmaker, as well as the industry in general.

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