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Industry News Digest: November 26th, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Here’s the newest edition of our weekly news digest, for those interesting stories that you might have missed from past week.



Mat Honan v. The Password

Those of you who are “up” with the tech blogosphere might have already heard about the unfortunate hack Mat suffered a while back that severely damaged his digital life. Mat released a long piece on Wired that details why he believes the time to do away with passwords once and for all has come, and how that is a necessity in today’s interlinked digital world.

How Meta Data Brought Down CIA’s Top Spy

A fascinating read by NewsScientist on how the metadata recorded as part of the accessing of an email account helped FBI uncover the affair between General Petraeus and his biographer. It seems like metadata can be as important as emails themselves when it comes to privacy concerns!


Black Friday Online Sales Top $1 Billion

According to ComScore, one of the biggest US shopping events of the year, the Black Friday, has topped $1 billion in sales for the first time. It is another important step in the gain online shopping has been showing against the brick and mortar alternative.

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