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Industry News Digest: December 3rd, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Here’s the newest edition of our weekly news digest, for those interesting stories that you might have missed from the past week.



Wired’s Wish List

Without a doubt, you will see approximately 3,596.6 shopping guides and wish lists between now and January 1st. However, Wired’s list is relatively different in that most of the items on there would not feature in your run-of-the-mill shopping guide by any average consumer out there. Check it out, you might find something for that incredibly difficult person on your list (though be warned, the average price is probably higher than what you would expect for a consumer shopping list)

Surface Pro Commentary

A bit of a controversial piece criticizing the Microsoft Surface Pro as being a “solution without a problem”. I’m not sure if I agree with this, partly because before the iPad came out there were a significant number of commentators who labelled it an XL iPod Touch that wouldn’t sell, but also because I can genuinely see a market for a very portable and touch friendly device that can run pretty much any Windows 7 and 8 software out there. Have a look, and decide for yourselves!

Blackberry’s Impending Release

Do you remember the good old days when Blackberry was the top smartphone? Seems like eons ago, doesn’t it? Well, if this video is an indication of the overall experience, they might have a renewed claim for a seat at the top dogs table. One thing is true though: It’s almost impossible for them to have the domination they used to enjoy before the rise of both iOS and Android, at least for the next five to ten years or so.

Business and Productivity

A Practical Guide for Scheduling Client Projects

Here are some useful tips for those who deal with clients on a daily basis. The Next Web gives you some actionable insights when it comes to making the most of your available time.

Gamifying a Google Interview

This one is a fun read, and all the more impressive for its results. Jon Guerrera tells us about how he used gamification to make most of his very limited time to prepare for, and ace, an upcoming Google interview.

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