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Industry News Digest: April 15 2013

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Hi everyone, I’ve got some interesting news stories for you this week. Read on if you like project management tips and entreprenuerial strategies, not to mention, weird technology and advice from 14 year olds:

Project Management


“7 Tips to Help Project Managers Track their Tech Teams”

Cio offers strategies on managing tech and development project teams. Highlights from the list include: “ask people how they are doing and if they need help-but don’t be a micromanager” and “use tools that allow team members to share documents and files.”

Weird Technology

“Water Bottle Sleeve-App Wants Charts Your Water Intake to Make You Drink More”

Jomi Interactive, a startup from Estonia, developed design prototypes of applications that remind users to drink 3 litres of water per day. The two devices they are working on include the Jomi Band, which when attached around a water bottle reminds the user at pre-set intervals to take a drink. The second, the Jomi Sleeve, performs the same function as  the band and additionally weighs the bottle to check how much water is being consumed. The data is sent to  a mobile app where users can “pour” over their water consumption stats. Personally, I tend to drink when thirsty, but for the app crazy it might be worth checking out.

“Japanese Students Invent ‘Girlfriend Coat’ to Hug Lonely People”

Suffering from a bad breakup? Need a little love? Have no fear, the girlfriend coat is here! Put on the coat and fasten the belt around your waist. The girlfriend coat–an invention from Japan that may or may not be a joke–stimulates the feeling of being hugged from behind.


“5 Things to Look for in a Co-Founder”

Mashable provides entrepreneurs with a checklist of qualities in a good co-founder. Look for  complementary skills, respect, an alignment of mission and passion, open-mindedness, and the vague but essential “good personality.”

“What a 14-Year-Old Can Teach You About Management”

This adorable story from Business Insider chronicles a 14 year old’s first job as a Christmas elf (a position I once applied for three years in a row to no success). After three weeks at the job Lily learnt valuable business lessons we should all remember like “people need to know what you offer” and “colleagues make or break the experience.”

Project Management Implementation

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