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Industry News Digest: April 29

Hi everyone,
here are 5 great articles about technology, healthcare, marketing and social media to kick off your week to an informed start:


The 30 Most Important Women Under 30 in Tech

Business Insider names the top 30 under 30 women in tech.

Ruzwana Bashir, Peek co-founder and one of those annoying people both amazingly pretty and successful, naturally made the list. Also included was Callie Schweitzer, who at only 24 is the Director of Marketing and Communications of Vox Media and said to be “literally the future of media”.

Thankfully, for those ambitious, a lot of women on this list are 29, or mysteriously listed only as “under 30”, so there should be a few spots cleared up next year.

Top Ten Apps for International Travel


This top ten travel app list by Mashable includes goodies like  Wikitude, which tells you about whatever building or monument you take a picture of, and Wi-Fi Finder, which shows map highlights of the closest free wi-fi locations.

Marketing and Social Media

Facebook Usage Data Reveals Just How Depressingly Stereotypical Your Life Probably Is
This write-up from VentureBeat may or may not make you depressed. After pouring over Facebook trends, research reveals predictable human  behaviors.

The big finding: we get less popular and more boring as we age. This is represented by increasing instances in conversations surrounding the weather alongside a decreasing number of Facebook friends as people enter their 30s, the age when, according to Facebook, 70% of us are married.

Buzzfeed Founder Jonah Peretti: On the Social Web, EQ Matters More than IQ

Learn to create better, more viral  online marketing content from this Tech Crunch article that summarizes Buzzfeed founder, Jonah Peretti’s talk at Disrupt NY 2013. Peretti  differentiates the difference between how we use Google and how we use social networks.

While on Google we might  satisfy  our  curiosity  to search the dark or scandalous, but we share content on Twitter and Facebook to connect with others.


Peretti explains this is why Buzzfeed  has so many articles of cute puppies: “That′s the key to why Buzzfeed is so popular on Facebook and what makes it so inherently viral. It′s not about the animals, but about humans expressing themselves in a way that allows them to show empathy and other human emotions.”


Top 5 BYOD Issues Facing Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is going digital.  According to this article by VentureBeat, an astounding 80% of doctors and 69% of nurses use their mobile devices for job-related tasks.

Still, there are many inherent issues in digital healthcare that need to be worked out. These issues include the need for reliable network support, in a hospital full of cellphone users; and integrity of information, to deal with the reality that nurses and doctors often use the same phone for both personal and professional communication.

That’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed the selections. Be sure to come back for next’s week for another industry news digest.



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