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Industry News Digest: December 17, 2012

Hello PM fans,

Here’s the newest edition of our bite-sized digest covering everything from technology to project management. Enjoy!


Time Management Hacks

A few useful tips on extracting that extra bit of productivity from your day.

20 Seconds for Positive Change in Habits

A very simple yet ingenious tip for gaining new positive habits and getting rid of bad ones.


Wayback Machine Needs Your Help!

The only real way to answer the question “What did website X look like in March 4th, 2004?”, Wayback Machine has been a great resource for those who would like to travel back in time and see how far we have come in a few short years. As a consequence of chronicling this evolution, The Internet Archive, Wayback Machine’s parent company, stores tons of data – 10 petabytes as of a few months ago, to be exact. Now, they are trying to raise funds to get 4 petabytes more. Even if you are not interested in donating check out their cause and their site, you will certainly be entertained by the past of the Internet.

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