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Industry News Digest: Feb 25

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a great Oscar weekend, and were as pleased as me that Lincoln (the most boring movie in the world) lost to Argo for Best Picture.

Inspired by the Academy’s good sense for rewarding interesting and thoughtful work, here are 5 praise-worthy project management, business, and productivity articles:

Project Management

“6 Ways to Stay Relevant as a Project Manager”

This slightly cautionary list is brought to you by the PM Community. It offers a few helpful suggestions on how to avoid irrelevancy at a company where “the payroll is lean”. The suggestion that brought a smile to my face was “Keep Things Quiet”.  Now, I don’t know how effective that piece of advice would be in the long-run but it’s always refreshing to see that kind of honesty in self-improvement articles.

“Infographic: What′s the Secret to Being a Successful Project Manager”

Infographics seem to be the new cool thing to do. This one from Zoho blogs  succinctly breaks down three key traits to succeed in project management,  attributing  a percentage out of 100 to each. Check to see how you can become the a project manager with the whole package.

“When Agile Project Management Actually Isn’t”

This is a wonderful guest post by Easy Projects, so obviously I’m going to include it. The article sums up the symptoms that keep your project team from being truly agile. Also, let’s all just take a second to appreciate the cleverness of the title.


“12 Networking Tips for Shy and Anti-Social IT Pros”

This article from CIO is a nice one for all the techie introverts out there. Networking is made unintimidating with these 12 steps, including the very easy “Join Online Groups and Communities” and “Start a Blog”.


“10 Biggest Time Killers at Work”

No surprises in this list from CIO (hmm..CIO articles are getting a lot of Easy Projects’ love this week), but it’s nice to know everyone loses some time on Twitter, procrastinating, and holding casual non-business related convos.


That wraps up the list for this week, but inspired by both the time killers post and the Oscars, here’s a summary of all the Oscar fun from last night. Don’t forget to come back next Monday for more fascinating and fun business and project management news.

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