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Industry News Digest: February 4, 2013

Hi everyone,

hope you all had a great Super Bowl weekend with lots of nachos, chips, and cheering.

To transition you smoothly into another week of work, here are five fun project management and technology articles that you can’t miss:

Project Management

“A More Fun Version of Project Management: Gangnam Style”

Our guest post found its way onto Business Insider last week. Check it out to improve your project management practices with help from Gangnam Style.

“Best Cities to Find an IT Job”

This article from CIO should really be retitled “11 Cities Where Everyone Wants to Live”. The best news? These cities, including Los Angeles and New York, are all in demand for project managers. Daydream away.

“Why Extroverts Fail, Introverts Flounder and You Probably Succeed”

The general consensus is that the more outgoing you are, the better you are at sales. But, according to this article, the link between extroversion and sales success is insubstantial–and being introverted is even worse (shh, don′t tell Susan Cain). Turns out the balanced ambiverts make the best salespeople. Check out the Washington post for more on the story.


“Wearable Tech to Warm You Up”

Mashable provides some technologically advanced wardrobe ideas to help you stay warm this winter. No comment on the aesthetic value of the selections.

“Ashton Kutcher was Hospitalized After Trying Steve Jobs Frutarian Diet”

Tech Crunch informs us that Ashton Kutcher ended up in the hospital after following Steve Job′s diet in preparation for his role in Job′s biopic. It seems Kutcher took the role pretty seriously, but still, when you think Ashton Kutcher don’t you think “The Decline of Two and a Half Men”? He seems oddly cast to play a genius tech innovator. Agree?

The Ashton article provides the close for this week’s updates. If you missed, check out last week’s digest, and be sure to come back next Monday for next week’s news.

Image credit, l@mie

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