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Industry News Digest: January 14, 2013

Take a break from all your  hard work  and check out this week′s most interesting stories in technology, business and product management:


“13 Things That Went Obsolete in 2012”

The world might not have ended in 2012, but Business Insider lists 13 things that experienced their own Armageddon last year.  So long to Netbooks, standalone GPS systems, and hard drives!


“Taking Your Startup Global–Tricks of the Trade”

Want to expand your business this year? VentureBeat provides unconventional advice on how to take your start-up global by taking notes from three successful case studies.

Goal Setting and Productivity

“Stick to Your Goals This Year by Using Identity-Based Habits”

Keep your New Year′s Resolutions and become a more productive and organized project manager using identity-based habit tips from LifeHacker. I guess mom′s old saying that “if you believe it, you can achieve it” actually carries some scientific weight.

“New Year’s Resolutions in 140 Characters or Fewer”

Speaking of New Year′s Resolutions, check out the advice Fortune 500 CEOs tweeted on how to improve your life and career in 2013. Who knew so much insight could be found in 140 characters or less?!

That′s it for this week. Check out some cool stories from last week′s digest  and be sure to come back Monday for next week’s news.


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