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Industry News Digest: January 27, 2012

Hi everyone. Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was wonderful.

Either way, why don’t we continue (or start) the fun with this week’s top stories in project management and technology?


Project Management

“The Art of Project Management: Szu Tzu’s Rules”

Everyone loves to apply the ancient wisdom of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” to everyday situations–even Paris Hilton! In this article, Carl Manello teaches how project managers can benefit from Sun Tzu′s warrior rules.

“7 Must-Have Project Management Skills for IT Pros”

Here′s a nice little article by CIO listing the 7 skills every project manager needs. How many do you have? I think I’ve got about 3 -.-

“The Secret to Making Productivity Tips Work for You”

Penelope Trunk uses insight from the Myers Briggs personality test to tailor her approach to being productive. Additionally, she shares great tips from others, including a suggestion to create a “not-to-do-list” because “high performers don′t eat a box of cookies”. If you have no idea what that means–but are nonetheless strangely intrigued–check out the link above.


“This Woman Went From Child Soldier to Tech CEO”

If you′re looking for some Monday morning inspiration, look no further than this article about Geomagic′s co-founder and CEO Ping Fu and her rise to success. At 8 years old Ping Fu was forced to be a child soldier in Mao Zedong′s army. Growing up she endured rape, violence, and imprisonment before establishing herself as a successful business entrepreneur. Check out Business Insider for the full story.

“Google Had Its First 50 Billion Year in 2012”

Title is self-explanatory but congrats to Google! $50 billion…must be nice.

On that note, Easy Projects is done regaling you with fascinating new stories for the week. Check out the stories from last week and come back Monday for next week’s news.

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