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Industry News Digest: January 7, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the very first edition of our weekly news digest for 2013! Enjoy this week’s selection:


“Nobody Will Find out”

Here’s an interesting article from, based on a source by Ernst & Young. Apparently, there is value in companies monitoring employee communications in search of terms like “cover up”, “illegal”, “grey area” and some others to pre-empt any fraudulent activities, as these terms serve as a good indication of potential illegal activity. Read more at the source link!


Consumer Electronics Show is on This Week!

CES 2013 kicks off tomorrow, January 8th, and is sure to provide a good look at the upcoming technology for the year. This is where the majority of the largest consumer electronics companies unveil their product map, so keep an eye on it!

Flexible Display Tablets are Here!

From our fellow Canadians comes the news of an e-paper display tablet that will be unveiled at CES this week. According to the report by the Financial Post, the displays feels just like paper, and can be used together to manage multiple documents. Once this technology becomes mainstream, we can hopefully bid adieu to tablets that shatter when dropped! The video in the source link is definitely worth a view if you’re interested in cutting edge display technologies.

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