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Industry News Digest: May 20

industry news

industry news

Happy Monday everyone,

and Happy Victoria day to all the Canadians. Today I’ve got 5 articles on topics ranging from NBC’s The Office to Marissa Mayer trying to be cool to Pinterest trying to be corporate. Read on!

Project Management

“9 Management Lessons We’ve Learned from The Office’s Michael Scott”

Las Thursday was a sad day for many of my friends. Their beloved The Office aired its last episode. But rather than cry that it’s over, Business Insider recollects the many great lessons The Office has taught us over the years. Need some manager pointers? Ask yourself, what would Michael Scott do, and read the link above.

“11 Signs Your IT Project is Doomed”

CIO adds some doom and gloom to everyone’s day with their article listing the ways to tell if your project is bound to fail. Check for the 11 apocalyptic signs at the link above.

Digital Healthcare

“7 Healthcare IT Roles that are Transforming Tech Careers”

“As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, more jobs are being created that blend the skills of both IT workers and healthcare workers.” Check out these hot new careers that are opening up in the healthcare industry as things turn digital.


“Yahoo Buys Tumblr”

Yahoo buys Tumblr GIF

…for 11 billion no less! We’ve been reading about it being in the works for the last couple days but today it’s official. Marissa Mayer raked out the big bucks to purchase the blogging platform Tumblr but promises “not to screw it up!” Okay, Marissa, we will see. At least, Yahoo left us all with a funny GIF about the situation that leaves hope that they aren’t as boring and corporate as they seem. Click the image beside and see their message.

“Pinterest Takes First Step Toward Working with Big Brands”

GigaOM talks about how Pinterest is revamping their site to make it easier for us pinners to purchase the consumer items we pin, transforming the site “from a place for wishful thinking to a site where one can purchase those wishes.” I’m curious to see how this goes, but also a little scared. Do we really all want to know how much our dream house, wedding, and closet actually costs?

That’s all for this week. Be sure to come back next week for next week’s industry news digest.

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