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Industry News Digest: May 27

industry news

Hi everybody,

another Monday means another news digest of the best of the week in business, education, and marketing. Check out our top 5 stories this week:


Marissa Mayer Has Already Made One Big Mistake With Tumblr

GigaOM believes Mayer has already made her first mistake with Tumblr by promising growth to Yahoo’s bottom-line by as early as next year. “Instead of trying to juice revenues in the short term, Mayer should be using all of Yahoo’s assets to help Tumblr grow–to make it far and away the most popular way to create content for the Web.” Slow down Marissa Mayer, slow down!

Nintendo’s Epic Fail – Grabbing Copyright From Its YouTube Fans

Remember when Nintendo used to be the best system ever? I thought maybe I was just getting too old to appreciate the glories of Super Mario, but according to this ReadWrite article Nintendo is hurting and it’s their fault. Article writer  Fruzsina Eördögh frowns at Nintendo’s latest move, where they are claiming copyright on all the Nintendo review and play-through videos, denying profits from video creators and alienating fans.  Eördögh laments: “Playthrough videos such as Let′s Play do a lot to fuel the commercial videogame complex, every bit as much as magazines and blogs. With their ad revenue diverted to Nintendo, however, these Internet-famous gamers have no commercial incentive to play, or talk in-depth about, any Nintendo games ever again.” Uh Oh.

Marketing and Design

5 Tips to Design the Best YouTube Channel Page

This guide from Mashable helps marketing teams optimize their professional YouTube page with suggestions like “create a channel trailer” so you can catch audience interest and preview your page. Read the other 4 suggestions at the link above.


Next On Deck For Khan Academy: Better Diagnostics And  Internationalization

Salman Khan from Khan Academy, the non-profit committed to providing everyone in the world with a first-rate education, is working to improve the online school’s legitimacy by improving its diagnostics and internationalization. For example, by creating a test that measures students initial competencies, Khan hopes it will be easier for  prospective student to know which educational videos to start watching on the school website. Read more about Salman Khan’s next steps at TechCrunch.


Crazy Beautiful Agency Staff Photos
Just to make you smile, Business Insider made a slideshow of the worst, or maybe best, staff photos of all time.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to stop by for next week’s news digest.

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