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Industry News Digest: November 12th, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Here’s the newest edition of our industry news roundup. If you have tips on what should be included in these weekly digests, feel free to pass it on to us at [email protected].


Project Management

“Pricing Lessons from a Project Management Startup” via VentureBeat

Here’s a guest post we did last week for VentureBeat. In it, we mention some of the lessons we have learned while optimizing the price for our product, and we believe that it is a good learning lesson for anyone that is in the software industry.

Project Management 101 – A Mother’s Perspective

This is a very entertaining and instantly relatable project management story from Reddit user “tjnr”. “The PB&J Project” is sure to brighten your day!


“The Dropbox Effect” is a Myth

A good article by Business Insider that debunks the idea that if a startup builds a consumer-friendly product, it will eventually work its way into Fortune 500 companies.

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