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Industry News Digest: October 29th, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Here’s the newest installation of our industry news roundup. For our US-based visitors, hope you stay safe and Hurricane Sandy passes by with as little damage as possible.

Enjoy the digest!

Project Management

PMI Announces New Officers

Project Management Institute (PMI) has released the list of the 2013 Officers and Board of Directors that will serve a three year term. As the main project management body in the world, PMI is certainly influential in the industry, and thus the strategy it will follow deserves a quick peek for anyone interested in project management

Project Management will Improve Your Social Media Efforts

This piece by shows you how involving some project management knowledge can improve your community management efforts, which is a must-have for virtually any business nowadays.


Hipstamatic: From Great Innovation to Falling Behind

This is a very lengthy but equally interesting read by Fast Company, and it covers the 2010 iOS App of the Year (as selected by Apple itself) Hipstamatic: from their rise to 4 million users, to falling behind times in terms of recognizing trends and socializing their app. If you have 15-20 minutes to spare, it will be a valuable read, especially if you are in the startup world. Regardless, anyone who’s leading a team can learn a thing or two from Hipstamatic’s experiences.

Google Now and the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Another long read, this time by the Verge, that looks at Google Now in detail. The predictive (and learning) algorithm has the vision of knowing what you need without you telling it anything, or even before you know that you need it! A well written piece indeed.

CNN’s 5 Email Habits You Should Avoid

CNN has compiled a semi-humorous list of “dont’s” that everyone should be aware of. Nothing groundbreaking on the list, but you would be surprised at how often people can fall on the wrong side of one of these habits.

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