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Migration to Azure Cloud

Azure cloud

We are happy to announce that starting this July all hosted accounts will be migrated from our current data center to Microsoft Azure cloud.
Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that runs out of a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters.

Why did we choose Microsoft Azure?

Azure delivers a 99.95% compute SLA. Your Easy Projects account will run on the same cloud that powers Skype, Office 365, Bing, and Xbox. Over 53% of Fortune 500 companies are using Azure.

Microsoft Azure data centers list of certifications:

  • ISO 27007
  • SOC 1
  • SOC 2
  • FedRAMP
  • UK G-Cloud

Security and Backups
Azure provides built-in software patching, network load balancing and 24 hours monitored physical security. Datacenters are physically constructed, managed, and monitored to shelter data and services from unauthorized access as well as environmental threats.

Read more here:

All Easy Projects accounts residing on Azure Cloud are taking advantage of the continuous 30-day snapshot backups. It means that if needed, your data can be restored from any point (up to a second) within the last 30 days.

Azure Cloud platform allows us to automatically add computing resources when there is a higher load to our servers. This way we are able to maintain the same high level of performance no matter how many users are accessing their accounts at the same time.

Migration Process and URL change

The migration to Azure will happen in stages. We will notify you prior to moving your account over to schedule the best time and minimize any downtime.

Please note that your account URL (web address) is going to change from

A redirect will be automatically setup on the old address, so all users will be automatically forwarded to the new URL.

Please note that due to the multi-tenancy architecture of the Azure platform all accounts hosted there will be upgraded automatically whenever a new version of Easy Projects is deployed.

Option to stay in the current datacenter

If you are a Canadian organization and/or prefer or required to keep your data within Canada, there is an option to remain hosted at our current datacenter.

Should you want to stay and NOT be migrated to Azure – please let us know by emailing at [email protected]

We are really excited about our migration to Azure. This cloud platform will help us deliver better, faster and more reliable service to make your experience with Easy Projects enjoyable and productive.

Should you have any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected]

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