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New! Easy Projects Certification

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So you think you know Easy Projects? Confident you know the difference between a Portfolio and a Project or when to use a Milestone versus a Dependency?   If you answered YES to the above, then we have some very exciting news for you.

We’re delighted to announce the introduction of the Easy Projects Certification Program!!

Yes you read correctly, the Easy Project Certification program is a progressive set of 3 online exams that challenge and validate your Easy Project expertise. You can take one, two or all three exams in any order depending on your goals, level of knowledge and requirements.

Easy Projects Certifications include many career advancing benefits:

  • Showcasing your achievement and expertise with an official Easy Projects Certification badge and certificate;
  • Using your newly validated skills and credentials for advancement in your career;
  • Enhancing your online profiles (such as LinkedIn);
  • And so much more…

There’s an exam for every skill level including project contributors, project managers and Easy Projects Administrators.

What are you waiting for? Click the link below to learn more and take a sample exam.

Good luck!

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