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Easy Projects Update: New Files & Messages control (version 9.3)

Choosing users to be notified

The New Year is upon us and our team has been working really hard to push the last update of the year before Christmas.

As we mentioned before in our blog and newsletters – one of our main goal for 2014 is to improve Easy Projects UI (user interface) to make it simpler, faster and more user friendly. The new fresh and clean interface will allow you – our users to do your work quicker and more efficient.

This work has already started in 2013 when we replaced the old Activity and Project lists with the new Activity Center.

While the bulk of other big changes (project and activity details, interactive Gantt chart, time logs, etc) is coming up in 2014, we do have one improvement that will be released before Christmas.

Version 9.3, scheduled for December 23, 2013 will feature the completely redesigned Files and Messages control. Actually, it’s Files, Messages and Audit Trail, since the new control will now combine all 3 sections.

Here are some of the changes in this new control:

  • Combined view to show Files, Messages and Log of Actions in a single History Stream;
  • Possibility to post a new message along with a file;
  • Drag’n’drop support for single or multiple file attachments;
  • Ability to specify additional people to be notified whenever you post a new message and/or file.

The new control will replace the old ones on the My Assignments, Project Details, Activity Details and Activity Center pages.

Other changes in this release include:

  • Support for MS Project 2013 file format;
  • Auto-resize of the Name column on Activity Center.
  • Performance improvements and minor fixes.

Important: the hosted accounts will be updated starting from December 23, 2013. If you′d like to get an earlier access to the new control, please let us know.

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