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New release: 8.0.9

We’re happy to announce the latest minor update: Easy Projects .NET 8.0.9

Here is what’s new in 8.0.9:
[+] Rich text editor in client portal
[+] Ability to delete activities and messages in client portal
[+] Password change functionality in client portal
[+] User avatars in client portal
[*] Activities with unfinished master activities are shown now on the On Hold tab of the My Assignments page
[*] Improved handling of non-working SMTP server situations
[*] Improved dates calculation for dependent tasks
[*] Resource Loading report doesn’t show limited access and customer representative users
[*] Resource Loading report doesn’t show completed projects and activities
[*] Improved RESTful API
[*] Own activities are shown in sidebar in client portal
[*] Improved timer on the My Assignments page
[-] Gantt report crash fixed
[-] Internet Explorer issue fixed for the Description field
[-] Message permissions fixed
[*] Other bugfixes and performance improvements

All hosted accounts will be upgraded automatically during the next 5 business days.
Downloadable version for in-house clients is available at: /downloads

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