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New Release – Activity Center Updates – 9.2

Sorting projects and activities

We′re happy to introduce Version 9.2!

Most of the changes in this version have to do with the Activity Center, however there are few exceptions.
Here are the most significant new features and improvements:

Sorting in Activity Center

One of the most awaited features on the new Activity Center. Now it′s possible to choose the sort order for both projects and activities.
Sorting projects and activities

Ability to Remove Grouping by Projects

Sometimes you might need to see a list of tasks without having them grouped by projects, for example you might want to see a list of tasks across all projects sorted by their end date.
Now you can turn off the grouping on the List Customization dialog by removing the check box beside “Project”.
grouping by project

Switching Between Flat and Hierarchy Views

Another new control will help you switch to the flat list of activities in case you don′t want to see parent-child hierarchy.
hierarchy-flat view switch

More search results are displayed in Quick Filter

Now when you search for something more than 3 matches will display in the Quick Filter panel.
more project search results

Tracking changes to custom fields in Audit Trail log

Starting from version 9.2 all changes made to the custom fields will be recorded to the Audit Trail log.
project audit trail log

Other changes include performance improvements, minor enhancements and bug fixes.

As always, we′d like to hear your feedback about this new release. Drop us an email or put a comment in a box below.

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