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New release: Version 8.1

We’re happy to announce the release of our latest version 8.1
There are a number of improvements and changes in this release, here the main ones…


This particular feature has been long over-due. It allows you to combine multiple users into teams and quickly assign them to projects or activities.

Teams are created on the User Details page:

Creating Teams

Any user can belong to multiple teams:

One user belongs to Multiple Teams

Once a team is created and users are assigned to it, you can add all of them to a project or task with a single click:

Assign Teams

Improved UI

First of all, you’ll notice our new menu and top navigation. It’s more compact and just slicker:

new menu

All personal settings are moved under the User’s name. Account administrator will also find all system settings there as well, while these items will be hidden from the users who don’t have permissions to see them.


You’ll also notice that most of the design elements (text, fields, buttons) are bigger now. Our goal was to make the new interface easier on the eyes.

Bigger UI

The quick panel was also moved from the left side to the top:

Quick Panel

Now you’ll be able to see the parent task on the “My Assignments” page:

Parent task on My Assignments page

Improved CSV Import

There were a number of changes made to the CSV import process, the most significant are:

  • Ability to import Assignees for activities
  • Automatic fields mapping based on names

CSV Import

Other changes

Other changes in Version 8.1 include:

  • [+] Automatic user roles mapping when importing from CSV
  • [+] Ability to choose teams in batch operations
  • [+] Ability to choose teams in reports
  • [*] Improved calculation for activity dependencies
  • [*] Improved permissions for projects
  • [-] Fixed rich text fields problem on client portal
  • [*] Other bugfixes and performance improvements

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